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Our Procedures

Our office is proud to offer a variety of dental services to both children and adult patients. Below is some basic information on some of the procedures that we offer. If you are interested in any of these procedures, you may contact our office for more information or to schedule an appointment to discuss your individual situation and needs.

Root Canals

A root canal is necessary when decay or trauma affect the pulp or nerve of a tooth. The blood flow in the tooth rushes to the site of inflammation to aid the tooth. What actually occurs is a pressure on the nerve endings, generating pain, which usually occurs at night or when lying down, and can be triggered by something hot or cold. What occurs is a slow progression of decay traveling through the canal and settling at the end of the root. This results in an abscess (or swelling) at this site.


Other causes of nerve pain can be tooth fractures, excessively large fillings, or constant trauma to the tooth. Occasionally, it's difficult to diagnose which tooth may be the culprit. New technology uses motorized files made of nickel-titanium that shape and cleanse the canals. What used to take two to four visits can now be accomplished in one visit to Northbank Dental Center.


If you're in pain, our friendly staff will get to the root of the problem as fast as possible!

Northbank Dental Center Procedures

Treatment Options

The following is a listing of all the standard treatment options provided by Northbank Dental Center.